Alumni support, Resources

Interested in contributing to SCAR’s efforts?

ETA:  In light of recent developments, SCAR is respectfully requesting that our official email address (studentcoalitionagainstrape at Gmail) be CC’ed on all emails sent to the above individuals.  We want to ensure that the administration accurately represents the volume of correspondence received regarding this issue.

SCAR has received an outpouring of support from the Trojan community in response to media coverage of the issues facing students such as SCAR co-director Tucker Reed.

Several alumni have offered to donate to Tucker’s defense, and we are consequently taking steps to establish a fund for Trojan survivors who may face legal fees that interfere with their ability to cover tuition costs and pay back student loans.

But there are several avenues of support that are invaluable to raising awareness about this important issue within the Trojan community:

  • Voicing your concern (by way of letter or email) regarding the wording of current policies.
  • Voicing your concern regarding the application of current policies.
  • Voicing your concern regarding the discrepant treatment of victimless crimes such a plagiarism (which can result in suspension and expulsion) and felonies such as sexual assault and rape perpetrated against fellow students (which result in “educative” sanctions such as essay-writing.)
  • Requesting to join SCAR’s private Facebook group at
  • Submitting your own stories of administrative leniency regarding sexual misconduct.

For any questions on how else you can contribute to SCAR’s goal of eliminating interpersonal violence on the USC campus, do not hesitate to email us at studentcoalitionagainstrape at gmail dot com.



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