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SJACS dismisses Tucker Reed’s sexual misconduct complaint

“This office acknowledges that [the two students’] perspectives on the sexual intercourse differ.”

Regardless of which “perspective” USC prefers to accept as “more likely” based on a “preponderance of the evidence” — it’s not okay to call rape “sexual intercourse.” It’s not okay to tell a rape victim her rapist is a “good person.” It’s not okay to refuse to let an advocate sit in the room with that rape victim, and then badger that victim when she’s alone until she starts crying. It’s not okay to never contact witnesses, and to schedule interviews with certain witnesses two weeks to a month down the line. It’s not okay to take six months to render a decision in something that should have taken 60 days or less. It’s not okay.  Trojans deserve better.

If you are as bothered by the pattern of deliberate indifference exhibited by SJACS commitee members Raquel Torres-Retana and Lindsey Goldstein — University staff in charge of adjudicating reports of sexual misconduct — as we are, we encourage you to email the administration involved in handling these matters:

University President C.L. Max Nikias at
Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Jackson at
[Mr. Jackson is now on sabbatical, so he will not be answering for the violations he let occur on his watch.]
SJACS director Raquel Torres-Retana at
SJACS adjudicator Lindsey Goldstein at

ETA:  In light of recent developments, SCAR is respectfully requesting that our official email address (studentcoalitionagainstrape at Gmail) be CC’ed on all emails sent to the above individuals.  We want to ensure that the administration accurately represents the volume of correspondence received regarding this issue.

And if you have been exposed to the Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards committee — specifically Raquel Torres-Retana — please contact us confidentially using the form below:


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