Alumni support

Please support the SCAR Defense Fund.

Because the University of Southern California has not taken any legal action in protecting its students, Trojan survivors of interpersonal violence have been forced to pursue justice and protection out of their own pockets. The costs of legal counsel have weighed greatly on each and every one of these students, especially when combined with individual costs of counseling and rehabilitation, as many do not feel safe discussing these matters with the University.

For this reason, SCAR is campaigning to establish a fund to help defray the legal fees for student victims of rape.

No one who is victimized and then forced to shoulder the burden of pursuing recourse should have to face the additional burden of affording mounting legal fees.  SCAR strongly believes that student victims should not be expected to assume the responsibility of legal bills on top of the cost of school tuition and college loans.

It is SCAR’s hope that through this campaign, we can establish a precedent of providing financial aid to students — male and female — who pursue legal action for sexual violence that occurred while working toward earning their degrees.


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